Stacker Trailer

An RV renovation is nothing without our unique touches. The Out West “Stacker Trailer” for a vehicle and guest is no different. The trailer comes “ready to build” or customize for additional needs the full timer may be pondering.

The extra space you have needed so you can continue in your RV as you age or accommodate family. Many adjustments and additions can be made at this time as it is a custom rig soon to go into production. It is the safe way to move your vehicle as well as have space for family.

You may have aged to a point where you need a little extra help to keep doing what you are doing but do not want to share a life with a caretaker. This allows them separate space once you are stationary. Call us soon to discuss your options.

Diagram 1
Diagram 2

You can have all the privacy you have always enjoyed with just enough help with chores or driving that keep you safe and well assisted.   This is a good bit of savings over some sort of assisted living and you get to extend the life you enjoy visiting the people and places you have always enjoyed.If you are a younger family with teens this allows everyone their own space yet you have all that you need with you.  These trailers are used all the time for two cars for a boat and a car.   We just made a “Guest Suite” in one of the spaces.

Iron is used in the bottom half for weight and sturdiness while the top is aluminum.  Holding tanks,And the vehicle’s heavier weight keeps this a steady rig on the road.

It is much shorter than most “stackers” but will accommodate a Jeep Wrangler and most small SUV wagons such as the Forrester.  Towing a vehicle on its own tires is very dangerous to our thinking and this protects your vehicle and gives you the extra accommodation you need.

A very large 42’ Class A or “Big Class C” can tow this easily and still be under California’s 65’ length limit.  (The most restrictive in the nation).   The awnings give you a level of privacy until you reach your destination.  We would love to discuss this with you.  Its been needed for a long time.