Renovated Class A

For 75% Less Than Buying New


I will forgo the disappointing price, quality and unnecessary technology of new high end Motors Homes as well as the cost here.  If you have looked around at all or owned you know the frustration and dissatisfaction.  

A very high quality 2000 forty foot Country Coach has just been driven into its renovation bay at our shop.  She is built well beyond the standards of today and is available at any point for purchase and you take over the renovation to match your desires.  The sooner you do this, the more money you will save.  Country Coach in 2000 exceed anything built today in quality by far.  As we inspect and test, I am amazed at her stout structure and quality joinery.  I purchased a high end 30’ class C in 2000.  At the RV shows you needed an appointment or be very convincing to even look inside.  These were at the top. 

Renovating such a fine coach results in substantial value for less than a bottom end, gas engine new class C that is very life limited and troublesome.  I have a 44’ renovated “Big C”.  In the aggregate it is far less to operate than my 2000 gas class C and very dependable at 1/3 the weight! 2 gal mpg more and that is with 50,000 tow capacity!  These machines are amazing.  They are built for decades of service, but the coach is not. 

That is what put me in business. I love these coaches.  Renovated they are an incredible value.Her commercial frame and drive train is at less than 15% of its useful life, yet the coach works needs redecoration, some antiquated appliances replaced, new LED lighting, new double paned windows, WIFI, Audio-visual and communication boosting and upgrades.  Fresh tires and batteries. All systems will be serviced, checked and replaced if need.   She will be better than a $500,000.00 coach once completed for 1/5th the price!

Save More…Sooner!

Built well beyond the standards of today and is available at any point for purchase and you take over the renovation to match your desires.  The sooner you do this, the more money you will save. 

In she goes on November 16th to her toasty warm renovation bay in our big 10,000sf shop.

Work commences November 17, 2020 and should be complete in 2 months.  As work commences, she will be available for about $33,000.00 and once complete will be between $70,000.00 and $85,000.00 depending on decisions we make along the way.  She is available at any point in the process so that your input as to work desired and discount will increase the sooner this occurs.  You will probably want to add additional features that could affect the end result and cost. 

The money saved while purchasing sooner would be applied to the item. She can be purchased through very favorable conditions and prices due to South Dakota’s taxes.  Due to the Pandemic she can even be purchase and contracted via live video meetings, tours and planning as well as complete reference checks.  Or a quick flight out to Rapid City for your own meetings and inspection. During and after purchase you will direct changes to the renovations as needed.

The Renovation that is beginning now:

The Exterior:

The space between the top of the storage bays will be refinished to make it not look like all the other coaches on the road yet tasteful and to adjust the perception of size.  We are putting this off until all unseen items are addressed in case, she has a new owner that has another idea of what they would like.  We are considering several Ideas now.  New LED lighting will do a great deal not only in function but appearance.This is as close to full custom as you get.  It’s like renovating a quality built home or a fine classic car all in one with a like new result.   I am engaged to design all three, but this is my primary business.  Since the “End Owner” is not known yet I am designing in the blind, but having looked at everything that is new on the market I know what you don’t want.  Especially the half million price tag and associated fees for what I know to be a lessor product.  So we will focus on bringing all systems to Bristol condition.   Since the quality of cabinetry and a few other features are so exceptional to what is available today most will be retained and deep cleaned.

The Interior:

The general look is that of a quality country home.  Since you are not known to me yet we will stick to neutral colors.  A high quality laminate or wood flooring will be installed in all areas forward of the bath.  Double insulation under it keeps your coach very quiet from road noise.  The new 4 season windows and sectioned padded drawers make all the difference sound like riding in a fine sedan.  There will be an “inset” between the sofas / sleeping births so that carpet can be attached as an area rug without a tripping hazard.  In all of my homes and projects I have had great luck with high quality synthetic Asian or middle eastern area rugs.  While secure it can be removed easily and (I am not kidding) pressure washed in a driveway!  Understated elegance with bullet proof quality is our practice.  Our coaches go to all sorts of places in all sorts of weather and need to be sturdy.

The salon will have small tables for beverages. They secure under the sofa for en-route use and can be moved out like coffee tables else ware. We are debating at this point between a drop television or a lift television behind the right side sofa. LED reading and art lights will be everywhere need. We make most of our own fixtures or convert household ones because of the unattractive one available for RVs. Thanks to LEDs there will indirect and direct lighting everywhere. It allows for bright light for a good cleaning and pleasant evening light while relaxing.

Colors of Fabrics as stated will be neutrals of very high quality allowing you to add your favorite colors in accents and prominence features you add. I have sources and friends that shop for me at the wholesale and remnant houses in Los Angeles. Thanks to knowable contacts and FACETIME we acquire very high quality at low prices. 

Both in the Salon and Kitchen walls bead board in an off white will replace the vinyl wallpaper of the day adding depth and texture.

The kitchen dining area was surprisingly ahead of its time. Corian counters have since made a comeback so they will remain and her end owner can have them quickly replaced if desired. I can’t recall seeing as many cabinets and work space in a coach. You really will be surprised. We will relocate one small cabinet over the kitchen window for a taller window. So, you can see out better will cooking. Any RV person will tell you that two large burners are the best rather than four tiny ones and that’s just what we have. They are dressed with a cover so for new pressure pot cooking and work space they can be out of the way if desired. I am still shopping for back splash material.  

A two person banquette will be installed forward on the left side. It will have storage underneath and I can convert it to an 18 pound and under dog crate if requested by the final buyer if they crate their dogs at night or travel. We will custom build a table that can function as a desk if need and a table for two. When the slide is out it doubles in size for a table for four.

The bath will receive new flooring, an improved shower head and a few details that make a big difference.

The bedroom will get new carpet, headboard, television and wallcovering.

The entire coach will get new window treatments with double blinds for privacy and light. New drawer pulls and such fixtures throughout. Overall, it will be indistinguishable from a new coach other than higher quality and better taste. New coaches of this size have more slides. (that are a constant headache). This coach has very functional space with the one large slide. We can add more slides for a final buyer with our own highly reliable slide mechanism, this coach is very roomie as is and we do not see the need at this point. You may have other ideas when you buy it.

Her Statistics:

2000 40’ Country Coach

I will show interior photos to interested buyers on a live video survey or in person but at this point it would just discourage you at this point as it will look very different when complete. In fact, unless necessary we discourage any in process visits because by personal experience its upsetting to see your coach in process.

The below photo shows my favorite feature: a driver’s desk! The other drawings are from a planning program of her floor plan before and after renovation. Check for updates to her progress and when finished. If a sale closes, we will promptly post it.