RV on the road

How to Proceed:

  • Review and evaluate what we put forth here
  • Look at previously owned and/or new recreational units as close to your goals and budget as you can get.
  • Review our website. See what you think, if it appeals to you and makes sense.
  • Speak with us to see if this is a path you may want to pursue, and if it seems reasonable given your needs, desires, and budget.
  • Evaluate your current rig, or purchase a quality preowned/new rig. This is where we can begin to assist you if requested and its advised.

Should You Proceed:

Together we evaluate your current rig or find one to purchase that will be your starting point. Together establish a goal and budget as well as time frame.

  • Begin to discover, design, evaluate and plan what you will drive away from our shop.
  • Set the time frame and date for work to commence.
  • A small deposit to secure your defined contract and time frame of work. Progressive payments as the products arrive to renovate your base RV and your RV itself arrives to commence the renovation. Progressive payment is required, but we will always work so that you are confident your investment is well protected.
  • Communicate periodically to assure we are on the same page and update you on the progress. (I never again want anyone to see their “gutted rig”. It was traumatic for them and myself. You should see pictures after.
  • Take final delivery and inspection with a possible small “punch list” of touch ups or additions.
Dog looking out RV window

There are two situations where deviation from the contract may be necessary.

1. Discovering unrevealed damage

Once walls, ceiling, floor and mechanical areas are opened and old structures are removed, damage is often discovered from use, water or other sources. It may require additional repair, we will realize the scope of this during the tear down process. We anticipate a certain amount of this in advance. In such cases, the repair change order will need to be generated.

2. Alterations to the scope of work

You change your mind on a few details or find additions in the meantime that you must have. This is to be avoided as much as possible. In order to avoid this, we put forth as much forethought and consideration as possible. Many residential and commercial contractors rely on this for profit but it is inconvenient, upsetting and inconsiderate to our clients. We don’t like it either. We want you to be smiling from ear to ear when you are finished here. Change order profit is as distasteful to us as it is to you and we will seek to avoid it even more than you will. You are our biggest advocate and source of business. In addition the the right thing to do, it is the very best form of marketing. Ask any employee or client. My word is gold.

That’s it, in a nutshell.

Your end result is as close to custom as you can get for a very reasonable price and value. We will try to make it as painless as possible, and in fact, most people enjoy the process.

Our philosophy is: it’s not that something can’t be done: it’s that a way to do it has not been discovered yet. With creativity and the necessary talent, amazing things can be and are done every single day here. We thrive on it. Our last big renovation has a cabinet containing an electric fireplace, a concealed lift television and a concealed cat box. The upcoming “Big class C” renovation has a stainless steel parrot cage that is heated and vented to avoid any dander or odor. To us, pets are family, and we are committed to creating your rig custom to accommodate dogs, cats, and even 25 year old bossy parrots.

You are the customer: you put fuel in our vehicles, educate our families, and feed us. We never lose sight of that, and are deeply grateful. We work for you.